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"You don't have to touch your phone once"
"...getting our eyes where they shoul be"
"Your own virtual assistant at your disposal, ready to read your text messaged out loud to you"
"Hot Products Ready For The 2009 Holiday Season"
" with Free Text-to-Speech, Auto Reply App."
"Driver's who text: This company May Save your life"
" is a good app that should be used by all drivers..."
"$13.95 is a bit less than the sticker price of a new Taurus."
"Heath Ahrens may be on to something."
"This service really helps me from having to take my Berry out of the Holster every time I get a message."
"And today, Heath Ahrens is making his pitch in Washington, D.C., to be the newest member of the Have Your Cake and Eat It Too Club"
" will quickly become an award-winning app for its usefulness with driving safely."
"A program like is a perfect fit for the person that is attached to technology."
"In a time where new laws and regulations are coming to the forefront, this application is a fantastic way to stay connected and to 'Drive Safe'."
"I was very skeptical going into it but after trying it i was instantly hooked."
mobile walk "...something that mobile phone-crazy consumers are bound to laud."
"but they stand apart from the competition with one main advantage, it actually works well"
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