Distracted Driving Accident
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There are lot of laws and regulations already out there, but
are they effective in dealing with 'texting while driving' issue?
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Distracted Driving Accident

Reducing the amount of accidents on the road is a universal goal, but reducing costs is also very important. One accident can cost a company millions of dollars if the driver is found to be in violation of new distracted driving laws; the larger the corporation, the larger the target for a lawsuit. Software to stop texting while driving is inexpensive and effective insurance against lawsuits. Software can also serve to reduce the amount of liability by showing good faith to prevent these types of incidents.

A strong, no-nonsense distracted driving and texting while driving policy is a good way to stop distracted driving accidents from happening. Software like DriveSafe.ly can keep employees connected by allowing them to listen to text messages and emails in real-time while they drive, but without ever having to look at their phones. With their eyes on the road, employees will drive more safely than if they are looking at their BlackBerry or other smart phone.

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