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There are lot of laws and regulations already out there, but
are they effective in dealing with 'texting while driving' issue?
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Distracted Driving Regulations Stop Texting While Driving Accidents

More than half of accidents could be stopped with distracted driving regulations including DriveSafe.ly Enterprise, the award-winning mobile app to stop distracted driving by reading text messages (SMS) and emails aloud.

Distracted Driving Regulations and texting while driving laws are meant to stop the dangerous practice of texting while driving. DriveSafe.ly Enterprise can keep your employees in compliance with the new regulations with hands-free provisions. Most texting while driving regulations and distracted driving regulations allow for hands-free use of devices. The most dangerous part of texting while driving and other distracted driving is taking one’s eyes off the road and hands off the wheel, but DriveSafe.ly helps curb this problem.

Reading SMS and emails out loud with DriveSafe.ly allows drivers to listen to their messages in real-time without ever having to look at the phone. Since DriveSafe.ly is Bluetooth compatible (it even turns on when you turn on your Bluetooth). Deployment is quick and easy with BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

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