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Make sure to keep your eyes straight ahead, and hear your
texts out loud while driving. There is no another simpler
solution then this application.
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Distracted Driving Policy Can Reduce Distracted Driving Accidents

Preventing accidents begins with a distracted driving policy including DriveSafe.ly Enterprise. Pilot the hands-free DriveSafe.ly Enterprise app at your company to comply with texting while driving laws.

A strong distracted driving policy helps companies save lives, reduce insurance costs and save money. If one accident is avoided because of a distracted driving policy that does not allow for texting while driving it could save a company tens of thousands of dollars or more. DriveSafe.ly Enterprise is a powerful tool employers can use to curb texting while driving. As low as $2.99 per month per device, DriveSafe.ly Enterprise edition lets employees know you care about their safety but still want them to remain productive during their commute.

Employees do not view a distracted driving policy as a nag-policy like some others. They view safe driving policies as the latest part of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Enhancing a distracted driving policy or safe driving policy with DriveSafe.ly gives employees an alternative to texting while driving and emailing while driving. Hailed as the solution to texting while driving, the award-winning consumer distracted driving app has millions of users after just a short period of time.

Since DriveSafe.ly automatically activates when it detects Bluetooth, the driver need not remember turn the application on. It is also not necessary for DriveSafe.ly to use GPS to track speed, which drains battery.

Make sure to keep your eyes straight ahead, and hear your texts out loud while driving. There is not another simpler solution then this application.

So start using the program today, what are you waiting for?

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