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Safe Driving Policy Curbs Texting While Driving Problem

Safe driving policies are the first line of defense in the battle against distracted driving. allows for safe driving policy management at the enterprise level. Your company can be part of the solution to the distracted driving epidemic by instituting a safe driving policy and stopping texting while driving with
Employees will not stop texting while driving unless you tell them it is against corporate policy and they could lose their job for driving distracted. This issue is extremely important as a safety issue, but also because companies have been sued for millions of dollars because one of their employees was involved in an accident in a company vehicle while texting. The companies were found liable because they did not take reasonably efforts to stop their employees from texting while driving. stops texting while driving cold. Text messaging and emailing by voice is a safer alternative to texting while driving traditionally.

Safe driving policies can be added to your employee handbook or corporate handbook. For safe driving policy template, please see the safe driving policy page on the website.

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