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Safer Employees
Stop risky texting while driving instantly
Proactive Position (CSR)
Take a stand for the safety of employees and customers
Legal Smartphone use
Comply with hands-free legislation
Lower cost
Keep employees working, vehicles on the road and lower insurance costs
More Productive Employees
Keep employees connected in a safer way while on the road
What is
Mobile app for BlackBerry and other mobile platforms that reads your TXTs and emails aloud while driving, allowing you to stay connected keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.
Who uses Enterprise Edition?
Businesses who want to keep their employees safer on the road while maintaining productivity.
How to use Enterprise Edition? for Enterprise use can be easily deployed through company’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server to as many users as needed. You can add new users as necessary.
Features & Options (fully customizable) Contact Us:
  • Optional customizable Auto-Responder
  • SSL encryption
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • And much more!

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*Multi-user discounts available
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